Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stop freaking out about Trump

New Florence Times
OpEd  21 March 2017

Pa Kracker

People need to stop freaking out about Trump-- it is not that bad!!

Across the nation and world there is a great deal of stress and angst about the Trump presidency, especially in the liberal media.  This is feeding on itself and causing a level of hysteria not seen since perhaps the peak of the Red Scare or Pearl Harbor.  And look, we survived those quite well.  After the end of WW2 the US emerged as a global leader and our economy thrived, so maybe Pearl Harbor was not such a bad thing in the long run.  Sure, sorry for all the people that died in WW2, but heck, they were going to die anyway. 

A lot of people are freaking out about climate change and Trump not doing anything about it.  But really, it will not be the end of the world and the worst to happen is still decades away.  A lot of us will be dead by then, so why sacrifice now in our lives for people who are not even born yet?  They will be smart and adaptable and able to figure out new lives under the changed warmer global climate.  People have always adapted, we survived the end of the dinosaurs and the Ice Ages just fine didn't we?!

But, but.... "sea levels will rise" cries the liberal press.  OK, to me in rural Pennsylvania (solid Trump country) why should I care?  There won't be any high tides lapping my house in the Laurel Highlands.  And maybe it won't be such a bad thing if coastlines change a little.  Personally I won't feel bad for all the rich people losing their fancy beach homes and vacation homes in the Caribbean.  Let them buy some of my land (IF I agree to sell) and spend their winters shoveling snow and summers cutting firewood like I do.  It isn't like the ocean is going away!  New people will have waterfront property-- and many of them are poor rural Trump supporters.  He's going to make their real estate increase in value!

But, but, but....  he might ruin the economy.  Well it tanked under Bush and we survived all OK didn't we?  And look at the stock market;  people are investing in stocks like crazy and what else matters?  A bunch of people with extra money think stocks will sell for more in a few years so they invest so they can get even richer.  What better indicator could there be that everything is going to be fine in the economy?  Afterall, when has the stock market ever changed course disastrously?  Not going to happen. 

But but, but, but...  cry the fake news liberal media...  he is deranged and might start a nuclear war.  Not likely-- he won't start a war, but if someone picks on a deranged president, then they'll get what they deserve.  North Korea might hit the west coast with a nuke, but hell, none of them people voted Trump and most of them are illegals anyway, so what's the big deal?  Trump would whack North Korea back with so many nukes, they'd never get a second shot into Wyoming or Iowa, Trump's heartland.   I'm not worried, so long as Obama does not come back for my guns, I'll be able to defend myself. 

We are going to be OK everyone.  We are not looking at sixteen different ways that Trump might end the world.  Maybe one or two are possible, but mostly it is just going to be a little juggling around of who is a winner and who is a loser.  The losers are always going to whine; that's no reason to listen to them.  Me, I'm going to be fine.  I'm no where near the ocean; I've got my guns; no one gonna target my place with their nukes;  and I am not too concerned with all those investors and stocks.  It doesn't affect me-- I've got my still in the woods and deer to shoot so I'm just fine.  So everyone just stop picking on our president and let him do his thing-- some golf for fun, some rallies for adulation, and building his business empire.  He isn't going to jeopardize all that-- so we all should relax and enjoy the new great America along with him.

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